Business Case For Warwick Old Shire Hall

Business Case For Warwick Old Shire HallWarwick Old Shire Hall

Warwickshire County Council (WCC) required advice with regard to the future use of the Old Shire Hall, Courts and associated facilities which were to revert to WCC from Her Majesty’s Courts Service in December 2010. Tourism UK was commissioned as part of a wider team including PLB Consulting and MACE project management to provide WCC with an appraisal of options ensuring that options presented were financially, functionally and technically feasible. The study was to be completed in a versy short timescale of six weeks.

The study involved an assessment of the potential facilities consideration of the markets that would be interested in the building and the potential income that could be genertaed from various operational alternatives. At the same time it we were to remember that the site was part of the County Council operation and so options for visitor access needed to set within that context. A report was submitted to the council including a spatial analysis, financial assumptions and costings.